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Airwave – Air Quality & Noise Mobile Application

The Casella Airwave app enables the user to remotely monitor their dBadge2® noise dosimeter or their Apex2® personal sampling pump directly from their mobile device.

Start/Stop and Pause your instrument or view real time data using Bluetooth® connectivity and email the data alongside notes and photographs to your laptop for easier reporting.

The Casella Airwave App supports the Casella range of noise and dust monitoring equipment for occupational hygiene. If you have a Casella dBadge2 or Apex2, the Airwave app will enable you to monitor the progress of your run with real time data.

The dBadge2 is a personal noise dosimeter and calculates real time personal exposure to noise in your workforce allowing you to monitor risk of noise induced hearing loss. The Apex2 is a personal sampling pump, used in conjunction with sampling media, allowing you to measure dust and hazardous substances and their level of risk to workers and to prevent lung diseases.

The Airwave app supports both products utilising Bluetooth® low energy connectivity.

Features include:

  • View summary data of any number of products in range
  • Select the individual instrument for more detailed data
  • Start, Stop or Pause the run from your mobile device
  • Colour coded according to status alerting the user to potential issues
  • Email results data, attaching photos or voice notes for easier reporting on site.

The Airwave App is intended to be used by:

  • Casella customers owning a dBadge2 or Apex2
  • Occupational Hygienists & those trained in personal occupational exposure monitoring.

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