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CO2 Buddy

Personal CO2 Safety Alarm

The CO2BUDDY personal alarm is designed to detect carbon dioxide (CO2) and warn of any dangerous levels in confined spaces, providing continuous protection for those working in an environment where CO2 is present. This extremely lightweight personal alarm can be easily clipped to a pocket or belt, or can be attached to a lanyard.

The CO2BUDDY is suitable for a wide variety of applications where CO2 is used including pub and bar cellars, walk in coolers, fast food outlets, agricultural grow houses, medical laboratories and food packaging plants. CO2BUDDY ensures personal protection for delivery drivers, servicing engineers and maintenance personnel who work in multiple locations where CO2 is used but is not guaranteed to be monitored by a
fixed system.

Charged via a Micro USB cable, the CO2BUDDY is easy and convenient to keep fully powered. The CO2BUDDY is a robust, but lightweight safety alarm from Analox.

Standards including EH40 in Europe and OSHA throughout the US mandate that employees should not be exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2 as it can prove to be highly toxic in very small concentrations.

List of Benefits

  • Lightweight – Max weight 70g
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Minimum 48 hours battery life
  • Single-button operation
  • Fresh air calibration
  • Low maintenance
  • Choice of low and high alarm point configurations available
  • TWA Alarm

Download the Datasheet: CO2 Buddy