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Gidas Viewer

GIDAS Viewer is the LSI Lastem program for viewing historical data downloaded from data loggers (through 3DOM, CommNET and P1-CommNET).

The program uses the data in the SQL GIDAS database and produces tables and graphs, both of raw data and of reprocessed data, according to different time bases that can be selected by the user. The re-elaborations can be exported as Excel files ( CSV) or text files ( TXT), the graphs can be saved as images (* JPG).

The program allows you to save data view filters (Views), with the possibility of including data from more than one station at the same time, using the same settings without having to re-edit them. The display can include one or more quantities acquired by one or more devices in order to aggregate data from different data loggers.

LSI-LASTEM supplies a range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative calculation programs. Program range is divided into two main parts: data management modules and applicative modules for specific calculation.

It extracts and produces tables and charts of the recorder data in the SQL GIDAS data base by 3DOM and CommNET programs.

Data selection

  • selection of data logger and syrveys through a navigator;
  • selection of the quantities to analyze;
  • selection of the statistical elaboration rates for data processing. Possibility to analyze raw data as recorded in the data base, or processed data using different elaboration rates (i.e. hourly, daily, etc);
  • selection of measures according to the date of acquisition or the last measurements;
  • storage of preset views for an easier extraction and reading of new data recorded. The view can include one type or different quantities coming from one or more data instruments to aggregate data coming from different data loggers.
Data view
  • multi parameter and multi station table and chart;
  • advanced graphic funztions (zoom, scroll)
  • download of data in text or Excle files;
  • export of charts as image files;
  • wind rose calculation and display.
GIDAS Viewer come with GIDAS Lite module to feature some easier and quicker functions. It includes 3 sections:
  • data download to GIDAS data base 3DOM and CommNET are not necessary;
  • data selection for an easier data view:
  • calculation of microclimate indices. If licenses for TEA modules are available. it is possible produce basic calculation of microclimate indices.

Available Soon