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Products Overview

ISI offers measurement solutions for health and safety professionals. Discover all our products categories below

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Air Quality

Air sampling is used to measure an individual’s exposure to a chemical (e.g. dust or gas) when compared to an exposure limit. Personal air sampling pumps are used with sampling accessories and media to collect the substance, which is sent to a laboratory for analysis. 

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Electromagnetic Fields

The European legislation is now part of our national standards since 2016. We offer several solutions that will give you clear exposure results in the field. Our solutions range from personal safety device, to portable analyzers and web based fixed RF exposure monitoring devices.

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As safety advisor, an important part of your job is to define where and when the exposure happens. Once the sources are defined, the situation needs to be improved by taking the problem at the source or delivering the correct earing protection to the workers. Our solutions cover all those aspect.

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Thermal Comfort

Data loggers, sensors and software for the evaluation of moderate thermal environments, hot and cold, compliant with ISO7726. State-of-the-art software suite for the most comprehensive thermal analysis available on the market.

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We propose you whole-body measurements in accordance with ISO 2631-1. Suitable for taking measurements both on the seat and seat-back. Wireless BT communication interface enables current results to be previewed.  Calculation of Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) based on RMS and VDV simultaneously

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Your instrument comes with the most recent software upon purchase. However, the manufacturers regularly release updates. You will find the most recent versions of the software of a number of instruments from our delivery program. Is the software for your instrument not listed? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will then send you the most recent software.

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Industrial Displays

Easy to use digital panel meters, large digital and alphanumeric displays, process control equipment, production displays, lean / OEE motioning systems & scrolling message displays from London Electronics. All displays are designed & built in UK.

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Social Distancing

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, this specific range of products ensures employee safety through remote monitoring and social distancing.

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New Categories Soon

We attach great importance to our range of products, which is why we are constantly looking for innovations that can solve our customers’ problems and easily meet their needs. New product categories will therefore be added in the future.

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