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Experience and expertise

At ISI, our teams have over 45 years of experience in physical measurement solutions and our rental equipment service is an important factor in providing for everyone’s needs.

We offer you a complete range of products and services in fields such as telemetry, industrial processes, health & safety and pharmaceuticals.

Throughout the years, we have been able to expand and improve our different ranges thanks to your feedback and suggestions. We will not hide it from you, we are very proud to be able to meet the majority of our customers’ needs, in terms of product quality but also in terms of service.

Before purchasing any equipment, it is important to ask yourself the right questions and make a decision that suits your needs.

Do you need a new meter, but are you unsure about buying or renting? Buying has the advantage that you can use the meter at any time. But buying also has disadvantages. Think of the investment and maintenance. What is the best choice in your situation? ISI is happy to think along with you and is happy to advise you on the best investment in the future.

casella 63x sound level meter
Casella CEL63x
Svantek sv106 human vibration meter
Svantek SV106

wavecontrol smp2 EMF meter
Wavecontrol SMP2

Our Rental Solution

Renting is interesting if you work on short projects or if you use the measuring instrument occasionally. Do you have a meter in mind, but are you unsure whether this meter is the best option for you?

For many years now, we have allowed you to rent our calibrators, dosimeters and many other products to help you minimize your costs according to your specific needs.

This possibility of product renting is becoming more and more interesting for many of you, so do not hesitate to call us at +32 2 343 30 81 or send us an e-mail at sales@isi-be.eu to discuss with our team of experts and find the best solution to your requirements. Let us know what you are looking for a meter for and you will receive appropriate advice, free of charge and without any obligation.

Learn More About HSE

ISI likes to think along with you, so that you can work with high-quality measuring equipment for a short period. Have you never worked with a specific measuring instrument before? Then ISI brings the equipment to you and you immediately receive a practical instruction for use.

We also invite you to visit our other HSE webpages to find out more about our products and services by clicking on this link : https://hse.isi-be.eu/