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Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the Vapex ensures employee safety through remote monitoring and social distancing

Vapex – Air Sampling Pump

The VAPex range has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapours and gases in working environments. Its Intrinsically Safe design and remote operation via the Airwave App makes it ideal for modern-day sampling requirements.

With a wide flow range of 20mL – 500mL, the VAPex personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability.

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Designed for Supreme Performance

VAPex pumps have been designed to give optimum performance for low flow rate applications.

Its highly sophisticated control mechanism allows users to collect samples at extremely low flow rates to capture vapours and gases via sorbent tubes.

  • Runtime of 34 hours at optimum use
  • Flexibility to work with all tubes and kits
  • Outstanding back pressure capability
  • Excellent flow control and stability

VAPex has an outstanding back pressure capability to ensure uninterrupted smooth operation of the pump even in the most demanding settings. Innovative technology embedded in VAPex provides unique features to the user.

Intelligent and Easy to Wear Design VAPex has one of the most practical, slim and lightweight cases designed with user convenience in mind. The wearing clip comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Display with highly visible color coded menus
  • Motion sensor to ensure compliance and operation
  • Ergonomically designed case weighing only 220 grams
  • Recessed inlet spigot to prevent damage
  • Large buttons with lockable keypad

Download the Datasheet : VAPex Datasheet_isi

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