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Insight – Main Platform

Insight Data Management software by Casella provides Health and Safety professionals with a more advanced solution for downloading, managing and reporting exposure data for a variety of occupational hazards.

Rather than using several software applications, Casella Insight allows data to be downloaded and stored into one versatile package.

Data is stored on a centralized database which may be managed by Person, Place or Process criteria. Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical format and analysed as necessary.

Uniquely, reports can be generated combining multiple hazards simultaneously. They may be displayed by Person, Place etc as required.

Key Features:

  • Supports Multiple Instruments
  • Report Multiple Exposure Parameters
  • Safe and Secure Data Management
  • Manage Instrument Inventory and Calibration
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Quickly Generate Comprehensive Reports
  • Tabular and Graphical Analysis of Data
  • Import Data from Existing Casella Package
  • Add New Instruments in the Future
  • Share Information Easily with Others
  • Integrated Help System


  • Occupational Exposure Assessment
  • Compliance with Health & Safety Legislation
  • Record Keeping of Occupation Exposures
  • Reducing Occupational Exposure
  • Exposure Source Identification

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